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Improving the health and quality of life of cancer patients as quickly as possible.
Since 2013 CIPREVO is a France based private company actively pursuing such vision by focusing on the discovery and development of new drug candidates for cancer patients.
Two pillars support CIPREVO strategy:

 1/ Working with you as an expertise provider to advance as quickly as possible your new drug candidates.

2/ Building CIPREVO’s pipeline of innovative anticancer drug candidates based on CIPREVO’s experimental drug discovery platform and collaborative public/private projects.

Despite much progress in disease management, cancer is still one of the leading causes of mortality in the world. Innovations and solutions are covering many complementary aspects including prevention, early detection, personalized medicine, new treatments, patient involvement as well as continuous education for researchers and medical staffs.

  Gaining time and efficiency to increase the value and the quality of your R&D projects against cancer, meet the best partners by taking benefit of CIPREVO’s expertise and international network. 

  CIPREVO is acting as an expertise provider with its unique network of worldwide experts and helps you to identify, meet and work with the best partners from the different sectors such as health industry, scientific communities, anticancer medical centers, finances, and the education.


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