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   Under a confidentiality agreement and following a full presentation of your project, CIPREVO selects with you the most pertinent experts or partners to accelerate the realization of your cancer program. Under the request of one of the parties, CIPREVO may follow up the new alliance or the new partnership.
   Initially created as oncology focused expertise provider, CIPREVO is now also offering a co-working space allowing you to run your own drug discovery programs. You will have access to our technical platforms – Chemical synthesis and Cellular & Molecular Biology in the supportive environment of the University of Paris-Saclay (France). Please contact us via the website or call us.

Need to expertise a dossier?

We work with you on your complex case.

Need strategic advices?

We provide you strategic advices to develop and energize your business

Need funds?

We help you to find funds to start and develop your business

Need management resources?

We assist you in the management of your projects and your consortiums

Need an oncology linked events?

We organize with you national and international workshops and meetings

Need Chemical synthesis and Cellular & Molecular Biology?

We offer you an access to co-working experimental platform 

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